Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Picture this. A quaint, forgotten small-town in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh. The protagonist selling cassette tapes in his dingy 12-feet-by-12-feet shop. Kumar Sanu playing in the background. LML and Bajaj scooters on the roads. And the Ganges, still somewhat clean. You’d think that I’m describing a bollywood movie made in the mid-90s. You’re wrong. […]


No one who ever did anything with their life did so by ‘chilling out’ or ‘having a life’. The people who left a mark on the world were people who slogged and slogged and slogged. They loved slogging. They worked their asses off. That is why you remember them. So ‘chill out’ all you want. […]

Yeh Fitoor Mera!

It’s snow-laden, picturesque Kashmir. A young boy is hurrying home after running an errand. He’s already late, so he is bound to be scolded by his bossy elder sister. Suddenly a hand crawls out of nowhere and grabs his foot. The boy falls down and sees a horrifying man, who asks him to bring food […]